Baby is coming! It is the effervescence and we want to be sure not to miss anything. Don't panic, some essentials will ensure a smooth arrival. Discover our Top 10 essentials to welcome baby at the exit of the maternity.

1/ A cot or bassinet for baby's lovely nights. Certainly choppy at first, they will also be synonymous with cuddly moments. The bassinet can be moved from room to room or to a friend's house as an umbrella bed. In addition to its trendy vintage side, the bassinet is also a reassuring place for baby who feels cramped and protected as in the womb.

2/ A sling to keep baby close to you during naps or family outings. Very physiological, it favors the connection between mom/dad and baby by prolonging the feeling of security in utero. The baby finds the sensations he knew in the belly of mom: the heat, the movement, the heartbeat, the skin-to-skin contact...It will also limit the reflux and the flat head phenomenon. A must-have (also to have your hands free)!

3/ A car seat...for the simple reason that you won't be able to leave the maternity ward without it! It will secure all your trips and rides together and will allow baby to accumulate a few minutes of nap time. It is one of the pieces that we prefer new and not second hand for a question of safety.

4/ An awakening mat, ideal for free motor skills, it can be used from the birth of baby during his awakening moments and this until very late. It is THE corner of baby to discover, to wonder, to develop his skills while being safe, protected from the cold and the hardness of the ground. Decorate it with a mirror so that baby can look at himself, a black and white book to stimulate baby's senses, a rattle with bells and whistles, and possibly an ark...but don't overload it at the risk of quickly tiring your newborn.

5/ A playful rattle with bells that is easy to grasp from 2 to 3 months of age to gently entertain and awaken baby. This is one of the first toys that you can gently shake in front of baby's eyes to stimulate him during his waking hours. Have fun moving the rattle from right to left on his head to encourage him to move it.

6/ A nursing pillow...even if you choose not to breastfeed! The nursing pillow helps you find a comfortable position before giving birth when you slide it between your two legs, in a lateral position, to balance the pelvis. It is also a perfect "sleep spot" when folded into an alcove and covered with a slightly thick, tucked-in diaper (always under supervision). Your baby will love it! The nursing pillow can also be useful when baby is able to put himself on his stomach: by positioning both arms on the pillow while he is on his stomach, he will naturally straighten his chest and head. It will obviously be very useful for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

7/ A teething ring made of natural rubber and with various textures for sensoriality. Teething can happen very early, as early as three months for some babies, so you might as well be prepared. In addition to relieving sore gums, the teething ring is also shaped for baby's grip and little hands! The teething ring will be a great toy to manipulate and chew on while lying on a playmat. You can also find refrigerated teething ringsYou can also find teething rings, perfect for sore gums and teething.

8/ A stroller is the obvious choice when it comes to baby essentials! From the very first days, your little one will take full advantage of walks in the open air, which will help him to distinguish between day and night and to regulate his circadian rhythm. Choose one that is adapted to your lifestyle: more compact and light in the city to be able to take public transport easily or store it without losing space, more robust and all-terrain in the suburbs for cosy walks.

9/ A changing table since you will spend a long time changing your baby with an average of 6 diapers per day! Choose a plump mattress to welcome baby, why not a slightly sloping surface to avoid reflux. Be sure to keep the diaper garbage can close by so that you don't leave baby alone on the table without supervision, as well as the toiletries and hygiene kit nearby.

10/ A small dry hot water bottle to prevent stomach aches, colic, discomfort of baby. The digestive system of baby takes a lot of time to set up, the dry hot water bottle put on the belly of baby (not directly on the skin), will relieve the tensions and pains.

Sophie la girafethe idol of curious babies with fussy teeth! Tender, playful, it stimulates your little one thanks to its spotted coat and its funny whistle while relieving his teething and improving his grip thanks to its ergonomic shape for baby's hand. Sophie la girafe is clearly one of the essentials to have in his changing bag!

As for clothes, a dozen bodysuits that open on the front and 5 or 6 pyjamas with an opening on the front (think practical); a nice hat; a warm blanket for the walks, a sleeping bag for the naps and the nights.

On the walking side, a nice changing bag to store all baby's things (and there are some!) as well as a nomad changing mat in which to store a diaper and liniment to change baby on the go!

And you, what are your must-haves to welcome baby?

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